Tyranny of Dragons

Greenest In Flames


Four adventurers from the Sword Coast found themselves in the town of Greenest which sits astride the trade route from Iriabor to Amn. Each had their own reasons for coming here and were all staying in the single inn in town.

Shortly after dark they heard screams, yells, roars, and the crackle of lightning. Running outside they found the town under attack by raiders and kobolds and a large blue dragon soaring overhead occasionally swooping down to blast it’s lightning breath. A family ran across the street ahead pursued by kobolds. They charged into the fray, and saved the family though two of them were badly injured by the little reptilian beasts.

The mother of the family was Linan Swift and she told them they were trying to make the keep in the center of town. The adventurers set off with them for the safety of the keep.

They ran into two more groups of raiders amidst the chaos of the attack. Both times they charged into battle, both times they paid in blood. Badly injured and nearly depleted of spells they made it into the keep with several other refugees just as the militia were sealing the gate.

They met Tarbaw Nighthill, Governor of Greenest and his Castellan, Escobert the Red. Nighthill said the town was fortunate to have adventurers in town and asked if they would help. He pointed out a large group of raiders heading for the church and said the reports were that there were a large number of townsfolk barricaded in the church of Chauntea and that Father Eadyan Falconmoon was the best healer in town.

The adventurers agreed to rescue the people in the church and bring them back to the keep. Castellan Escobert said they could try the old tunnel under the keep that ran to the stream on the south side of town. It was there so the defenders could get water in case of a seige, but had gone unused for decades. He showed them where the old tunnel entrance was and gave them a key to the grate that covered the end.


Rocco’s Take
I come down here because I heard some dragon cult mighta taken my cousin here. I’m in town about an hour casing one of the local pubs and all hell breaks loose. If there is a dragon cult here in Greenest they must be f__king up big time because the place is under attack by a f__king dragon and hoards of its followers, or at least that’s how I see it.

Got hurt bad but got lucky. A bunch of pub crawlers like me started heading toward the keep in the center of town and made it despite the fact that they insisted on taking a bunch of kids along.

I know I should have just gone on alone but, damn it, these kids were being defended by their mom alone and would have been dead meat if we hadn’t stopped it. My Mom used to be the only one that stood between me and dad’s belt and before I even knew what I was doing I was stepping in to help this other mom. I must be a little nuts. Seemed like saving the little snots kinda put the monkey on my back to keep on saving them all the way to the keep.

And, now get this, I’m still getting my breath back and getting my side to quit bleeding when the head man here comes limping into the room they pushed us into and says he needs us to help him rescue some people on the other side of the town. He drags us up on the battlements and points toward the river showing us where these poor bastards are held up and one of the people I’m with starts agreeing to give it a try using some kind of old tunnel a dwarf says goes from the keep to the river. Nobody seems to see what I see. Between us and the river the town is a smoking pile of broken wood and mud with bodies every freaking where. In fact, as I look around the keep it’s the same in all directions.

I’m about to opt out of this tunnel deal and it dawns on me that the next smoking hole in the ground is likely to be where I am currently standing and all of a sudden the idea of being underground and a ways away from here sounds like a really great place to be.

I may not be into saving damsels in distress but I am into saving Rocco’s in distress. The dwarf takes us down into the sub levels of the keep and uncovers a door. He gives us a couple of keys, one for the gate on this side and one for river side gate.

I hope this is a dwarven tunnel. I hear they are pretty good. The gate on the far end is going to be a pain in the arse. Anything by the river will be rusted good. Better grab some lamp oil before we go in. Could do the trick.

Wait a minute…. maybe it would be best if we couldn’t actually get out at the far end…. yeah, that’s the ticket. We’d be safe underground until the coast was clear and then we could make a clean get away.

Why did that kid have to hug my legs and thank me for saving him and his mom? I’m no hero.

Greenest In Flames

Ember’s Thoughts
Seems like I am being given Torm’s guidance. I did not have to seek out evil. It attacked in force. It must be stopped. Torm willing, I will stop what I can!

Escorted children and others to the central strong point here in Greenest. Cut down many of the hoard that threatened them and others but am sorry we could not have done more.

Met the Governor, Tarbraw Nighthill and his Castillion, a dwarf named Escobert the Red. They seemed genuinely glad to have my sword at their side. And, after a short respite to offer thanks and sharpen my weapons they came seeking my help with the rescue of more of the good citizens of Greenest. What more could one ask for than a small quest with such a goal?

We are to use an old sally tunnel to flank the enemy. We will take them from behind and they will fall to the righteous wrath of Ember, Paladin of Torm!

Greenest In Flames

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