Tyranny of Dragons

One Long Night

The Meatgrinder

The 4 adventurers agreed to help rescue the people stuck in the Temple of Chauntea. They cleared away the boxes and barrels in front of the door to the old tunnel and unlocked the old door which was stuck from disuse. There was a small tunnel of natural earth shorn up by timbers beyond. The tunnel was choked with dangling roots and cobwebs. It went on for about 200 feet where they ran into a colony of hungry rats that tried to eat them. They cleared the swarm but were so hurt they had to retreat. Fortunately a greedy merchant who had taken refuge in the keep had two potions of healing he was willing to trade to them for an exorbitant rate.

They returned to the tunnel to find it let out onto the wide stream that bordered the south part of town. The exit was blocked by a rusty iron grate that was obscured by growth along the stream bed. To notice the entrance one would have to be directly in front of it in the stream and looking for it. Rocco found the old lock badly rusted, but was able to deftly work the mechanism with the key and some liberal use of oil. Sneaking out to take a look, Rocco spotted some raiders making their way down the stream bed. They hid in the tunnel and let them pass.

Deciding to avoid the raiders at the stream they made their way across town to the temple, sneaking from house to looted house in the town. Arriving they found a group of kobolds and humans using an old log on ropes as a battering ram trying to beat down the front door of the temple. They were overseen by an intimidating looking figure all in black wearing a stylized dragon mask. Additionally they spotted a group of kobolds and ruffians circling the temple with a drake (looks like a man sized wingless dragon), occasionally throwing torches or rocks through the high narrow windows. Around back a plume of smoke drifted with the wind.

Circling wide around back, sticking to the cover of the brush near the stream bed, they found a group of kobolds and one human trying to burn through the back door of the temple. They were heaping straw and branches onto a fire up against the door. The wet branches were causing a tremendous amount of smoke

Waiting until the circling group had passed, they used the smoke as cover and were able to surprise the raiders at the back and make quick work of them. Convincing those inside that they were here to help, the refugees opened the back door only to be shocked to see the Tiefling sorceress greeting them. She had a hard time convincing them they needed to run. Ember realized the group in front was just about the finish battering the front doors down but if they fled now the group circling outside would be in a position to see the refugees and probably slaughter them. A quick plan was formulated, the wood elf Nym charged outside and fled getting the attention of the circling raiders and leading them off to the west. The other got the refugees out and to the stream bed just as the doors to the temple crashed open. They managed to get the refugees, including Father Falconmoon, to the keep through the old tunnel entrance.

They were lauded as heroes in the keep and rested from their adventure. Soon enough Governor Nighthill called them to action again. A large number of torches were moving to the mill. If the mill burned the town would be in bad shape for the coming winter. He asked them to save it, he was going to muster a contingent of troops to defend it but that would take time and they needed to hold off the arsonists until they arrived.

Sneaking back out the old tunnel and across town to the mill, Rocco spied on the arsonists. After a short while he came to the realization they weren’t really trying to burn the mill, it was all just for show. Cillian suggested it was a trap, so they retreated. Nym went to warn the approaching guards from the keep while the others went back to the hidden tunnel. Nym warned the guards then went to the keep where he stood outside the walls yelling “Let me in!” This attracted a crowd of raiders. Escobert, the Castellan of the keep, opened the secret sally port in the keep wall to let him in muttering something under his breath in Dwarven about “foolish elves”…

Governor Nighhill suggested a prisoner to interrogate might shed light on the subject of who the raiders were and what exactly they were after. The adventurers went out and captured one of the better armed raiders, though they were gravely injured in the process and barely made it back alive. It ended up the prisoner was a mercenary hired by the raiders, he told them they were the Cult of the Dragon and they were here to scour the town for loot for some kind of treasure horde. He even had heard the cultists talking about dragon eggs in camp. When asked about the leaders, he mentioned a human female cultist and two half dragon champions of some sort, one blue the other black.

Shortly after that the raiders attacked the keep, using the secret sally port that they had seen opened to let Nym in. Raiders were loose in the keep and Escobert rallied the adventurers to help him secure the sally port and seal it. They arrived at the sally port room to find it well guarded by raiders, including a spell caster and a drake. Escobert proved his mettle by dealing with the drake and the room was secured. However, the sally port was badly damaged and only temporary repairs with spare timbers were used to secure it. Escobert said it would not hold against a determined assault, and he needed to reach the stone masons workshop in town to secure materials for a more permanent repair. Escobert left through he secret tunnel to secure what he needed. The adventurers rested to recover from their wounds hoping the impending dawn would give them some respite from the grueling night in Greenest.


Rocco’s Take

This hero crap is for somebody else. I had to be dragged back to the keep twice tonight. Lucky for me that this group I have fallen in with saw fit to do that. I’ve known and worked with guys who would have left me there in the street to bleed out.

Ya know, the fates have their sense of humor, they do. When I joined the gang back in Balder’s Gate it was like joining a family. They took care of me and each other as best they could. There was loyalty there and respect.

It was supposed to be a big step up to go to work for the organization but you were pretty much on your own with most of the guys. It was one for one and all for one in most of their minds and, while the top guys talked a lot about family, you were mostly on your own.

When you’re traveling you have time to think about things and on the way here one of the things I was thinking about was what ever happened to the old loyalties and that feeling of being part of a family.

I stop into a random pub for a look around and before the night is over I wake up twice back in the keep here with these strangers looking in on me, binding me up and even giving me medicines. It’s like being back in my old gang but what a strange gang this turns out to be. I mean one of them, Cillian, is a Tiefling for crying out loud and one, I think he calls himself Nym, is a dirty elf with leaves and cobwebs in his hair. And if that wasn’t weird enough, one of them is a paladin of Torm for crying out loud. Calls herself Ember, I think.

What’s even stranger is what we have been doing. None of these people seems to be the least bit interested in the loot that is just laying around out there to be picked up. They know the kobolds have loot on them but nobody seems the least bit interested in going over the bodies?! We’ve been moving through half sacked houses that have to have hiding places for valuables that have been abandoned but nobody seems the least bit interested in that either. Instead we’ve been saving lives and running scouting missions like we were some special group of the imperial guards or something. It’s a new gig for this guy, that’s for sure. And, if I didn’t feel like I do now, you know, like I owed them something, Rocco would be gone-oh.

One interesting thing just came up. Even I know that dragon eggs must fetch a fortune someplace. There’s more than one reason to play this hand. Yeah, that’s the ticket.

One Long Night

From Cillian –
I came to Greenest looking for answers. What I have found is a strange group of kindred spirits. Each one has risked their lives and nearly died. All for someone they didn’t know in a place that none of us calls home. I find this very strange indeed. I’ve not had the time to get to know much about these three. Except that we have all come from somewhere else to Greenest in search of something. And what we have found is scary beyond belief!
I’ve always made friends easily enough, but the 4 of us just seem to click. Ember, the Paladin, is very likable. Most people you meet of this type try to cram their religion down your throat. But she hasn’t yet. Ok, granted we’ve barely had a moment to catch our breath. We’ll see if that changes with the light of day. Then there’s Nym. He’s dirty and he kinda smells. But by the gods, he’s fast! Maybe he’s trying to run from his own stench. He’s quiet too. I’d really like to talk to him about his elfish ways, sometime. And then Rocco. I’m keeping my eye on that one – and my money pouch. He seems nice enough and he even bough me a decent meal right before all the chaos happened. He said he was from BG. I’ve might have seen him around, it’s hard to tell. I don’t run in that crowd anymore. And he likes the shadows I think.
I want to wake up outside in a corner, even in a trash strewn ally, with a splitting head from too much drink, in a quiet, peaceful Greenest. And all this to have been a nighmare. HA!
These poor, retched people of Greenest have had their lives destroyed by some evil cult. There will be so many orphaned children after this……if any survive, that is. I’m glad I’m here to help. I’m glad I found others that want to help too.

One Long Night

Hello Lord its Ember:

As you know my head is hurting from all the evil and cruelty, pain and suffering these poor people have gone through. Will they even survive the winter?
Now, I know why I was told only “real living” can prepare and purify my soul and heart for a total commitment to my TORM.
The life and death decisions for oneself and others that have to be made in a split second is not just difficult but weighs as heavy as a crushing boulder on one’s shoulders and the outcome effects so many at times. The burden is humbling.
And as you know my head is pounding from the thought of dragon eggs being protected and nurtured for evil to do more harm.
I offer up all these worries and welcome your grace to continue in your name.
I have noticed and thank you for the rich blessings you have given me in my new friends. Thank you Lord

One Long Night

nym’s nowe

lye caela survived i’ night. amin wonder manka amin decision a’ kela i’ refuge en’ i’ taure nae correct nan’ utu- i’ esta amin anta, Amin caela a’. these gwaith nae nearly killed ed’ i’ i’ awful kobolds ar’ ron naa il- en’ seorsa ikotane amin dura amin decision nae right ar’ just.

One Long Night

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