Tyranny of Dragons

Best laid plans

The mice win

Nym turned into a large scorpion and snuck into the raiders camp. He got incredibly lucky and miraculously made it all the way to the back of the canyon. He free Leosin, who didn’t really want to be freed (“I have them right where I want them and am about to learn what’s in the cave!”). Cilliana hoped he was doing well on his scouting mission where he was supposed to see what was going on in the camp from a distance.

He was spotted in the bright light surrounding the prisoner and guards gave chase and caught them. Nym was placed in a sealed wooden crate close to Leosin who was placed back on the stakes until he could be interrogated in the morning.

The camp quieted, Rocco came out of the crapper, found Nym and Leosin, disabled the guard that was placed on them, but that raised the alarm. Rocco freed Nym and Leosin, Nym turned into a horse and they escaped the camp in a mad gallop. All of them returned to town.

Leosin recovered over the next few days, then asked the group to return to the camp and gather intelligence while he traveled to Erlanther to raise opposition tot he Cult with his newfound information.

Leosin left, they went back to the camp and found it abandoned. Tracks showed small groups had gone in all directions, but the wagons and animals had gone in a wagon train west. There were a few hunters left in camp who were being paid to hunt antelope to supply those left behind int the caves for something that couldn’t be moved. The hunters didn’t care about the adventurers one way or the other.

They watched for a day and only the hunters came and went. The next morning they entered the cave and defeated the cultist guards who were watching the entrance cavern. In the back were rough steps leading down into a lower cavern filled with fungus but with two paths between the growths. Nym spotted a small passageway in the back which Rocco scouted and found was a barracks for culitists with about a dozen of them currently in residence.


Rocco’s Take

I used to shoot craps for days with the boys, pull a job, then shoot more craps. Now I’m in the crap, out of the crap, and back in the crap again – seems like a poor change in lifestyle if you ask me.

But I got a feeling Old Rocco is about to hit it big. If I don’t miss my guess (based on what I have been able to overhear) we are in a sweet setup. There very well might be some kind of dragon’s eggs to be had here. And dragon’s eggs sound like golden eggs to these ears. The hoard has taken off, the cavern is ours for the taking (hell, I think I could take out a dozen cultists in a narrow passageway by myself). The only thing that worries me a tad is the sneaking suspicion that some really bad crap waits for us in the lower levels we have seen here.

And there it is again. Back in the crap.

Only thing is, there may be gold at the bottom of this pile. Yeah, that’s the ticket…..

Best laid plans

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